Cardano [ADA] CEO Hoskinson rattled by EOS trolls 18421
Priyanka Babu
Jul 15, 2018 at 1:24 PM

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano [ADA] lashed out at EOS for making a montage of his selfies. He did so on a YouTube live chat with scores of people streaming in to listen to Hoskinson. The live chat was all about Cardano and its progress. Multitudes of people were streaming in to listen to the talk of the elite proving that Cardano is a cryptocurrency with wide popularity.

Hoskinson was interviewed by the famous Bitcoin thought leaders, Tai Zen and Leon Fu. Hoskinson lambasted EOS while he was questioned about myths that prevail about his company in the cryptocurrency market. He said that " One myth that bothers the hell out of me is that people think, if I am taking selfies then I'm not f****** working." He went on to say that EOS, another cryptocurrency giant, created a montage of his selfies where he is pictured eating. He told he was being 'brutally criticized' for something as negligent as eating food.

Hoskinson criticized EOS saying that this attempt was made to 'kill the guy at the top and delegitimize the project'. He chided Dan Larimer, the CTO of EOS, quoting he writes codes for his own company. "They have Daniel Larimer sitting at a monitor, writing code. Great. You want the CEO of your company writing code? Good for you, you'll have a very small project," argued Hoskinson.

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Dan Larimer had previously assessed the algorithm used by Cardano, the Ouroboros Consensus algorithm. He condemns Ouroboros stating that it is just a copy of  DPOS [Delegated Proof of Stake]. In his peer review of Cardano's Ouroboros, he compares Ouroboros to EOS. According to his analysis EOS has a block interval (latency until a transaction is included in the first block) of 0.5 seconds while Ouroboros requires 0.20 seconds. He also the mentioned that the algorithm is far less secure due to its faulty assumptions in its design. He argues that "Ouroboros is a 400-pound bulletproof vest that doesn’t actually stop the real bullets".

EOS currently ranks fifth on coinmarketcap while Cardano ranks eighth. EOS is clearly doing well in the market compared to Cardano. In spite of its current status EOS chose to troll the CEO of a company that is their rival and is ranked two places below them. As Hoskinson stated it could be an attempt to delegitimize the company and disgrace it in the crypto market. Hoskinson and Larimer also share a common thread in their history by being a part of Bitshares. However, the duo's disagreement paved a way to Larimer allegedly firing Hoskinson.

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