Cardano Foundation notifies users of Account Control message; more assistance via guideline 20719
Ashmita Dutta
Aug 10, 2018 at 12:15 AM

Cardano Foundation has reached out to its users about the new updates on Cardano 1.3 software by leveraging a popular social media platform. On Twitter, the official account of Cardano has provided the users for their assistance a guideline about the update.

According to the post on Twitter, “Some Windows users may see a User Account Control message today about the upcoming Cardano 1.3 release.”

The Foundation has released a document stating that for few Window users, the User Control message can be displayed. This is because Daedalus 0.11 and Cardano 1.3 have been released today. Special guiding norms have been framed for those to whom the message is visible.

Cardano Foundation notifies users of Account Control message; more assistance via guideline-BCFocus


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The Foundation has made a declaration stating, “Don’t worry, there is no risk to users.” The update can be prevented to move forward if the users opt for the ‘No’ option. The two updates, namely, Daedalus 0.11.0 and Cardano 1.3.0 can be manually installed by the users, else, after 24 hours, it will get updated, automatically. The official blog page of the Foundation contains the link for the users for installing in both the ways.

Once the message of User Account Control gets fixed by the team, the screen of the user will be displaying another message. This happens as the users move forward with the installation of the update. Besides, the users will receive notification of the completion of the update with the help of Daedalus, as soon as automatically the update goes live each day. In the blog, it is also stated, “Daedalus 0.11 has a couple of user interface tweaks to improve the user experience, and includes some fixes in preparation for the upcoming release of Daedalus for Linux."

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In the initial phase of this week, the founder of the Foundation, Charles Hoskinson has notified the user base of Daedalus update. In this software update, the memory usage has significantly reduced nearly 90%, thereby, indicating a massive success.

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