Cardano’s [ADA] wallet emerges with formal specification by IOHK 13550
Ashmita Dutta
Jun 11, 2018 at 4:00 PM

Cardano’s wallet becomes distinctive by the specification on Cardano [ADA] provided by Philipp Kant, the formal method director at IOHK. These specifications on Cardano [ADA] are semi-formal. BCFocus has previously reported about the joint collaboration between IOHK and ZenCash [ZEN] to leave Cardano [ADA] behind.

The founder of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson previously expressed their endeavour to find out the transition. It is achieved by going through research papers, experiments in laboratory and even including executable codes in machines.

The process is, indeed, lengthy. Nevertheless, it is characterised by its precision and need to be carried out with adequate attention. Formal specifications are adopted by IOHK for enabling the development team in the creation of software. The software designed needs to be trustworthy and also booming.

   Formal method director's opinion on Cardano [ADA]

The director of formal method has accordingly shed light on the manner in which transcription of research papers is conducted. He gave an explanation regarding execution of the research papers after transcription and thereafter, supplemented with specification. Previously, in a technical presentation he has placed his opinion on Cardano. As a software developer he has mainly used Haskell in a number of projects.

His statements suggest,“In the blockchain industry, IOHK is pretty unique in applying formal methods something like it usually is done in aerospace, clinical or medical purpose, or in systems where there is high value or even harm to life at stake.”

He provides leadership to the team that is involved in the working of formal methods in methodology concerning software development. The primary motive of the team is ensuring the outcome of the researchers is at an abstract level. They are using a language to construct the paper such that humans are able to comprehend it. Cardano also bears an association with Africa or Ethiopia.

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