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Ashmita Dutta
Aug 14, 2018 at 11:57 PM

Charles Hoskinson, the Cardano creator has revealed before the world its 'big' announcement, a day prior to the previously decided date. On a YouTube video, the Cardano CEO made a broadcast on 14th August which was originally supposed to happen on 15th August.

In this YouTube video, he has reached out to the world providing certain details about the next project of the Foundation. The upcoming venture revolves around an extension of Google Chrome known as Icarus.

Comments by Charles Hoskinson

According to Hoskinson, they never had an intention of launching a product, "but rather build something that we’re going to give to our partners to launch and try to encourage the development of a third-party application ecosystem and that is called Icarus.”

Charles Hoskinson surprisingly makes Cardano’s ‘big’ announcement-BCFocus

As a result, Icarus is flexible enough to be ported to mobile applications and platforms like Mozilla Firefox. Hence, a Google Chrome supported wallet does not possess a copy of blockchain. However, the users can still carry out actions as Daedalus would allow the users.

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Hoskinson informed that importation of a Daedalus wallet into Icarus is possible which can be recovered in a span of few minutes. The function of the wallet is almost similar to the light wallet as one is needed for downloading the blockchain that needs to be utilised.

Cardano creator has specifically mentioned that it is applicable only to those encountering problems related to network connectivity. Hoskinson stated that the application is developed in a hybrid language comprising JavaScript and Rust.

The Cardano team also seeks to develop a reference design and regarding this, he has commented,  “…now we created this because what we wanted to have was a reference design for people who wanted to do mobile wallets and browser-based wallets because we were a little worried about the security. Some people had come to us and they said ‘hey we’ve constructed a light wallet and look how cool it is’… And we did a little audit in the design and we realized that that’s not so good and that the reality is that it’s probably going to be insecure.”

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The hard fork announcement related to Icarus, which would be produced by Emurgo will take place on 15th August. Emurgo happens to be the partner of Cardano Foundation. The tentative date of launching the Mainnet is September, 2018 while the completion of Testnet is expected to happen in August, itself.

In the video, he has explained the fundamental purpose behind this project. According to the statement of Hoskinson, “Our hope is that people can start building an ecosystem around this so that as ADA gets more capabilities like ledger support and multi-sig and these types of things that the mobile client will be able to keep lockstep with that.” 

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