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Ashmita Dutta
Aug 16, 2018 at 12:11 PM

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano Foundation has brought Rwanda to limelight and upheld the benefits of decentralisation. In his opinion, the historical narratives of Rwanda makes people aware that centralisation should not be accepted at any cost. The Cardano founder has expressed his opinion through a YouTube video that was released on 14th August, 2018.

Content of the YouTube video

In the video, he has explained the historical anecdotes associated with Rwanda and favourable reasons that attracted IOHK to operate from this place. He believes that unification of global leaders from  nations like South America and Japan can resolve issues which are commonly encountered by all. Transform Africa Summit exemplifies such productive congregation of leaders where he received an invitation to deliver a speech, earlier in 2018.

Hoskinson's IOHK is an engineering firm that develops blockchain technology. Hence, in the Transform Africa Summit he has explained about the present condition and developments in this domain. The problems of corruption prevailing in Rwanda can be rightfully addressed and resolved by adopting blockchain technology.

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Furthermore, this newly advanced technology facilitates in improving supply chains and audit capability. It also makes the record keeping technique immutable, thereby, striving to uplift Rwanda's economic independence.

In the video, he has mentioned that two ethnic groups existed in Rwanda, namely, Tutsi and Hutu. According to his statement, “Colonization was particularly bad for Rwanda. They were colonized first by the Germans and after World War I by Belgium. And the consequence of this occupation was that certain powers were elevated to a position where it created destruction in society and resentment in society… And as generations merge in these disruptions amplified, eventually people wanted to get ethnic revenge.”

Consequently, Rwanda in 1994 has witnessed a brutal genocide that led to the death of million in just a span of 100 days, Hoskinson stated.  However, despite ethnic disturbances and differences, the citizens of Rwanda united for a common cause to bring welfare to the society.

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The Cardano founder has commented, "Rwanda is one of the greatest success stories of the 20th and 21st century where one of the poorest most brutalized, humanitarian crises in all time has now turned into one of the fastest growing economies in all of Africa.”

IOHK seeks to provide assistance to the bright students of the nations. The scientific firm would provide training session to these young students to make them capable enough to develop the infrastructure. Cardano CEO also has a plan to meet the government and deliberate on this issue as soon as the students become knowledgeable and well acquainted with blockchain technology.

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