Coin Market Cap Joins Reddit, Will You Upvote? 18232
Chandna P
Jul 12, 2018 at 2:30 PM

Everyone who follows Cryptocurrency news knows that Coin Market Cap is an indispensable tool and so is reddit. Now the information hub has created its official subreddit to make it easier for members to gather data from various exchanges.

The page that has been up for two days and 251 subscribers have joined it. The debut post of r/CMC reads:

“We will be posting updates and having more conversations with you here about crypto, market caps, how the market is doing, product improvements, feedback surveys, etc – our team is excited to be able to talk to all of you directly.”

The subreddit so far is populated with members requesting r/CMC admin to list their coins to their websites, especially if they had failed to get response through other channels.

One poster wrote:

"I'm a Community-Manager for Oyster Protocol. I was hinted to your subreddit and thought I might give it a shot through here instead of a request form. :)"

  • Another member said:

"I am asking for the 10th time to add RMESH tokens on coinmarketcap. Hugely successful project that just raised 30MM dollars to create mesh networking. Could you add it on your site? Please!"

Reddit is a popular site among members for having enthusiastic discussions about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In May, Reddit CTO Christopher Slowe revealed that they might relaunch the Bitcoin payment method which was disable earlier.

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