Coinbase will now support crypto-to-GBP trading pairs 24232
Priyanka Babu
Sep 28, 2018 at 9:15 PM

Coinbase, one among the top 20 crypto exchanges in the world, has announced that it will launch GBP trading services for its UK customers. "All UK customers now have access to GBP payments and new GBP trading pairs on Coinbase Pro/Prime," the exchange announced.

The exchange said in a blog post that all UK customers can now trade in GBP and all the domestic GBP transactions will take less than 30 minutes. The platform boasts about faster and cheaper transactions. "By no longer having to convert funds from British Pound to Euros and vice versa, you’ll avoid exchange rates and additional fees for foreign currency transactions."

The exchange has recently introduced new services to its users as it steadily positions itself among the top exchanges in the world. The platform on Thursday introduced “Coinbase Bundle”, a market-weighted selection of five cryptocurrencies available for trading on the exchange. The Bundle consists of Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], and Ethereum Classic [ETC]; the smallest Bundle costs $25, £25, or €25. The latest product aims to simplify the cryptocurrency trading process and make it accessible for everyone.

Coinbase has also been promoting institutional investments in the cryptocurrency industry. The exchange's range of projects that are created specifically for institutional investors includes Coinbase Custody, institutional coverage group and Coinbase Prime. All these products assist institutional investors to trade in cryptocurrencies. The crypto exchange has recently partnered with Caspian, an institutional grade crypto trading platform. Caspian focuses on professional investors and is connected to over 20 different exchanges including Bitfinex and Binance.

The exchange also recently announced its new listing process for virtual currencies, which replaces an ad hoc process with a more structured system, which is expected to expand the range of assets traded on the platform. As per the new process, anyone who wishes to list a digital asset on Coinbase will be required to file an application form, which will be evaluated under the company’s digital assets framework. Those applicants who fulfill the required criteria will be listed.
However, these tokens may not necessarily be available to all its customers right away since listings will be added on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis, rather than supporting all assets globally as the company has done up until now.

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