Blockchain Association of Colombian companies aims to revolutionize the Financial System of Colombia 9514
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Team BCFocus
May 19, 2018 at 1:05 PM

Prime Colombian Bitcoin companies in Latin America have joined hands for Blockchain development in Latin America. The Blockchain Association will pave way for blockchain development and implementation in Colombia.

The objective of this partnership is to support the cryptocrurrency and blockchain development. The second objective is to consult with national government in the matters for crypto regulations.

The companies who have partnered together are Buda Colombia, Bitcoin Colombia,, IntiColombia, Panda Group and RSK.

Tovar said that the traditional financial system is ‘abusive’ and citizens don’t have faith in the current financial system. Co-director of IntiColombia, Mauricio Tovar stated, "It is very important that Colombia be included quickly (in the Blockchain technology) to take advantage of the opportunities (...) The foundation wants to be an actor that articulates the entire system and that finds the solutions to adopt this technology."

Buda CEO Alejandro Beltrán stated about how crypto could be beneficial in future for Latin America indicating that it would be able to serve 200 million unbanked citizens spread across the continent.


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