Crypto finance company Circle hires former Homeland Security official as legal head 22533 Homeland Security official joins Circle
Rakesh Ranjan Parashar
Sep 7, 2018 at 2:20 AM

The global crypto finance company, Circle Internet Financial, backed by investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs has welcomed Gus Coldebella as their new Chief Legal Officer. Coldebella joined Circle Internet Financial after completing a four year stint at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where he became the organisation’s General Counsel.

Announcing this new development in a blog post on September 6, the company stated that Coldebella will be take care of the company’s legal, regulatory, and government affairs. The company is expecting that the expertise and experience of Coldebella will help Circle Internet Financial navigate the turbulent waters of the regulatory environment surrounding crypto finance.

 Guy with a big reputation

Gus Coldebella comes in with a big reputation and brings with him decades of experience in government regulations and enforcement, corporate technology risk, litigation, and corporate governance.

Circle hopes that his strong networking in the government circles will be a key asset while going forward. According to the post, the company believes that its vision for a new global economic order can only be achieved in partnership with governments and the evolution of law.

The blog goes on to add:

“Gus is widely respected by his former colleagues as a hands-on, practical and entrepreneurial leader. He brings a rare combination of keen intelligence, intense integrity, unflappable composure and a genuine and enjoyable disposition. Gus’s leadership will be critical in our mission to work with legislators and regulators around the world to promote smart legal frameworks that encourage growth of the Internet of Value, all while we also work tirelessly with government partners to thwart those bad actors who seek to abuse the freedoms created by technical innovation or undermine confidence in our financial system.”

Coldebella is all set to lead a star-studded team at Circle Internet Finance, which comprises of Robert Bench, a former compliance leader at PwC and the US Treasury OCC; Carla Carriveau, a veteran at the SEC and FINRA, and Charles Heenan, former securities and commodities lawyer with experience at Swiss Re and Citigroup.

Earlier this year in July, Circle hired former Goldman Sachs executive director, Benedicte Nolens to head its global regulatory affairs. All these steps points towards company’s growing ambitions, as it plans to enter global crypto securities trading.

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