Crypto Invest Summit 2018: Redefining the potential of Cryptocurrency 8909
Team BCFocus
May 10, 2018 at 6:58 PM


Crypto Invest Summit, a two-day exclusive event held at downtown Los Angeles was attended by renowned dignitaries, leaders and investors sharing insights and information about the cryptocurrency world. 

Mance Harmon, CEO at Hedera Hashgraph addressed the audience before beginning of the event. He stated about his company, “First off, @hashgraph is not a Blockchain.”
Hedera Hashgraph does not work on blockchain but it has its own secured network for data communication. 

The Summit also had some of the notable investors participating in it. Tim Draper and his son Adam Draper who is also an investor spoke about cryptocurrency investment in a "Fireside Chat" on the topic “Pioneering Crypto Investing”. 

Tim Draper has been in favour of cryptocurrency expansion around the world. He is not in favour of how government is trying to regulate the cryptocurrency market. He stated in the Summit, “Government are going to be freaking out about cryptocurrencies”. His perspective is to give people the freedom to explore the virtual currency. He further added, "They’ve controlled us using cryptocurrency for so long… They need to separate virtual from terrestrial.”

Tim Draper said that government is trying to regulate those companies that are pushing harder to gain prominence in the crypto market. 

Adam Draper who is the founder and managing director of Boost VC gave his opinion about investing in startups. He said, “Start-up investing (throughout) its history hasn’t been about investing in start-ups, it’s been about investing in movements”.

The first day at the Summit had a lot of investors participating in it. The panel 3 on the first day spoke about “Crypto Investment Funds”. The investors and crypto leaders in the panel were Alon Goren, James Haft, Jeremy Gardner, Shashank Sripada and Cliff Sarkin. 

Alon Goren is the founder of the Crypto Invest Summit. James Haft is the Co-founder for CryptoOracle. Jeremy Gardner is the co-founder and managing partner of Ausum Ventures. 

The second day of the event again had some interesting chats and future insights about cryptocurrency in the Summit. Tim Draper and Adam Draper were present at the event on the next day as well. 

The event started with a presentation from SpiceVC. The presentation covered crypto market potential in the future. 

SpiceVC works on a security token ecosystem. 

The next panel of leaders had discussions over the topic “The Future of Real Estate, Crowdfunding, Tokenizing & Blockchain”.  Reputed leaders participating in it were Andrew Dix, Ricky Ng, Phil Sigler, Eric Malley and John Marchesini. 

Andrew Dix is the founder and CEO of Crowded Media Group. Ricky Ng is the founder and co-founder at IClick. Phil Sigler is the CEO of The LendingCoin and Eric Malley is the Founder and CEO of MG Capital. 

John Marchesini is the co-founder of Blockchain Beach. He addressed about the debt crisis in US and how blockchain can open new ways to know the correct value of the homes and hence avoiding any further debts associated with it.

The next participant to enlighten the audience with her knowledge was Crystal Rose. Crystal Rose is the CEO for Sensay. She addressed about the token “SENSE”. She recently had a token sale for her own cryptocurrency. The topic for the token was “The Human Brain on the Blockchain, Crypto & the future of work”. 

She objected to Bitcoin being called as a bubble. She stated, “Bitcoin isn’t the bubble, it’s the pin. Fiat is the bubble, it’s just one that’s been going for a while”.

Her company’s Sensay “SENSE” chrome extension will be able to recognise the Ethereum addresses on the social network profiles and thus enable smooth micro payments. 

The event was further addressed by Apolo Ohno and Jesse Warren Tevelow in the “Fireside Chat” Apolo is a famous Olympic medalist and is currently a blockchain entrepreneur. Jesse is the co-founder of HybridBlock., a blockchain investor and co-creator of BlockTeam who addressed the event. He appreciated the ideas covered by Apolo Ohno.  

Further, Kevin Winston participated in the event and shared his knowledge with the audience about Initial Coin Offerings, also covering about the recent state of events. 

David Bleznak who made his presence on the first day of the event as well spoke about the risks to be taken in the crypto industry. David Bleznak is the CEO of Title. 

The last panel of the Summit on Day 2 spoke about “Entertainment on the Blockchain”. It was addressed by Les Borsai, Matt Sorum, Andrew Duplessie, Lauren Selig, Frank E. Banks, Ann Greenberg. 

Les Borsai is partner at Wavemaker Genesis Labs. Andrew Duplessie is the CEO and co-founder at Tipster. Lauren Selig, an entrepreneur and Frank E. Banks is the founder at General Presence Inc.

Matt Sorum, the famous drummer of ‘Guns N Roses’ stated, “The yodeling kid, Hank Williams, needed a platform to immediately monetize his community. The current platforms (that didn’t build his community) earn most of the money he deserves... Artist need to speak out about what they want.”

Ann Greenberg, CEO of Entertainment AI addressed the Summit on the same topic stating, “I don’t want to see the past 100 years of content recreated on the Blockchain. I want to see new forms of entertainment created using micro metadata.”

Crypto Invest Summit was one of the top-notch event attending by dignitaries that gave the audience motivation and an opportunity to learn and explore more about Cryptocurrency.


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