Crypto News Today: Ethereum [ETH], Tron [TRX], NEM [XEM], Binance[BNB], Zcash [ZCE], QTUM [QTUM]

Crypto News Today: Ethereum [ETH], Tron [TRX], NEM [XEM], Binance[BNB], Zcash [ZCE], QTUM [QTUM] 18178
Jul 11, 2018 at 11:45 AM

Ethereum [ETH] News

Google's co-founder Sergey Brin has become the latest top figure to endorse cryptocurrencies by revealing that he is mining Ethereum with his son.



Tron [TRX] News

TRON [TRX] recently swapped its tokens from ERC20 to TRX20, and the new tokens have begun trading on Binance from 10th July. The swap is being lauded by users on Twitter who are thrilled with the transfer speed of new tokens.

“Binance has completed the TRX and ICX mainnet swaps. Deposits and withdrawals for TRX and ICX are now open,” a Twitter user wrote.

NEM [XEM] News

In its latest tweet, NEM is said that it is going to help farmers setup an IoT based tracking solution using Arduino, its open source blockchain software.


Binance[BNB] News

Reacting to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin's harsh remarks against centralized crypto exchanges such as Binance, its chief ZHAO Changpeng urged the former to have a bigger heart as both centralized and decentralized eco-systems could co exist.

Reacting to Buterin's "burn in hell" comment, CZ Zhao said: "Today, Vitalik probably has more king-like powers than anyone else in the industry, and has used it, by serving as advisers for projects, therefore helped to decide their fate, at least fate of their ICOs to a large extent."

Zcash [ZCE] News

Zcash's founder and CEO Zooko Wilcox has shared an appreciation statement by Googgle's co-founder Sergey Brin’s on Twitter. Brin is reported to have expressed astonishment over how fast and successfully Zcash has deployed ‘zk-SNARKS' application in real-world.

“yup, I remember seeing the zerocash paper when it came out in 2014. usually takes 10+ years for academic ideas to end up in a production environment. you guys did it in… two?,” Brin is said to have stated.


QTUM has lost 50% of its market share since its golden period in January this year. However all is not lost for the digital coin. Recently the world's first movie on blockchain was released on QTUM blockchain based video exchange platform that also happens to track copyrights.

Image via Ethereum World News

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