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Ashmita Dutta
Jul 5, 2018 at 11:00 PM

Zichain on Thursday unveiled two new index funds for Cryptocurrency investors. Zichain is an internationally-renowned group of crypto finance that launched the index funds to simplify cryptocurrency investments. According to a report by BCFocus, the SBI holdings is also going to bring the userbase of over 23 million people to its newly launched cryptocurrency exchange.

Zichain is recognised as the leading decentralised firm based on asset management that has launched crypto indexes for the first time. In December 2017, Zichain took the initiative to launch this crypto index and it is recognised as the leading decentralised firm based on asset management.

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Zichain informed that Blue Coin Index Fund (BCIF) and Second Tier Index Fund (STIF) was previously accessed by few investors. Now the plan is to reach out to more investors in the crypto market as the third quarter of 2018 ends. The primary focus of Blue Coin Index Fund (BCIF) is digital currencies. Ethereum blockchain technology has been leveraged to create the tokens of these two funds. ERC 20 of the blockchain with its technical standard meant for the smart contracts has been used in this process.

The crypto funds of Zichain come with all the necessary features pertaining to traditional funds which the investors are quite familiar with. These features include calculation of performance for tracking investments, making use of the information available in the real time market as well as financial reporting of advanced standard and supreme form of traditional finance.

The opinion of the Zichain CEO

According to the Khachatur Gukasyan, the CEO of Zichain, "All our clients will soon be able to reap the benefits of investing in digital assets in a traditional and familiar environment while using the latest available technology. Zichain has put a great effort into functionality of its products and we believe that the launch of our innovative index funds will open a new chapter in the history of crypto finance".

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Zichain's newly launched index funds come armed with advanced technology prevalent in the world of cryptocurrency. A European enterprise offers an assembled storage space with a number of signatures which ensure the safety of users' assets. The personal accounts of the investors would feature rebalancing in an automated and smart system.  Zichain is striving to become a one stop destination for the all the finances on blockchain technology with an aim to ensure safety and accessibility to all.

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