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Ashmita Dutta
Sep 13, 2018 at 7:39 PM

Once again, Malta gets a boost to its "blockchain island" status as cryptocurrency platform Waves enters its public and private sector. A team of professionals from Waves recently engaged in a deliberation with Joseph Muscat, the prime minister of Malta, to discuss the possibilities in which this cryptocurrency platform can find its application in corporate and government sectors.

The meeting was held between government officials and blockchain firm Vostok, along with Waves CEO and founder, Sasha Ivanov. Talks were held on how Waves could serve as a platform for the tokenized financial medium. However, other possible use cases were also discussed: in voting, healthcare sector and land registration.

However, meetings were also organized with Digital Innovation Authority CEO Stephen McCarthy and the officials of Financial Services Authority based in Malta. Report suggests that the talks focused on fostering the acceptance of both digital currency and blockchain.

Comments made on this issue

In an exclusive interview with CCN, Dr. Jospeh F. Borg from WH Partners stated, “Waves is one of the most underestimated blockchain projects to date. The potential is huge and it is extremely positive that this project is associating its name to Malta”. In his view, the event is significant in the domain of cryptocurrency in Malta.

In this context, the prime minister of Muscat has opined, “Over the last months, the Maltese government has actively solved how to position Malta as a major hub in terms of the digital economy, which will play a central role in the economic sustainability of the years to come. The Maltese government has legislated three acts that will provide legal certainty to this space, involving DLT and digital financial products and services such as virtual currencies and ICOs.”

According to Waves CEO Ivanov, “We are interested in this accreditation and are ready to start working with Malta’s legal experts to bring our ready-to-use blockchain solutions here: Waves for the financial sector and Vostok for the government and corporate sectors.”


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