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How Bitwords is using the Ethereum blockchain to provide transparency

CryptoControl has launched a crypto-specific ad network Bitwords that is based on smart contract. It is aimed at providing transparency to publishers who who use Ethereum smart-contract to manage their funds. Existing ad networks don’t reveal how much cut they take from the money credited by advertisers and how much of it actually goes to publishers. However, Bitwords will publicly showcase how funds move in the network. Read more


Big win for IBM-Stellar [XLM] and Huobi crypto exchange in Australia

Huobi, IBM and Stellar [XLM] together create a major headline in Australia as the government signed an agreement with IBM. In the country, all crypto exchanges and the advancing blockchain technology are about to get a firm establishment. The government of Australia is determined to achieve this goal by luring the top notch IT Company, IBM and Huobi Pro. Stellar network, which collaborated with IBM last year, would equally contribute to the positive impact that the Australian government seeks. BCFocus reported that the crypto exchange, Binance along with Huobi has also bounced up by more than 100%. Read more

Speed Trader moves Into Crypto Bets Opposed by regulators

Largest trader of exchange-traded funds in Europe is moving towards crypto even after the watchdogs warned and compelled consumers and institutions not to trade cryptocurrencies.According to Co-Chief Executive Officer of Flow Traders- Dennis Dijkstra, an Amsterdam based speed trade, Flow Traders NV is making markets in the first exchange-traded notes based on Bitcoin and Ether. A Sweden based issuer of crypto ETNs, XBT Provider, revealed that the Dutch company has “dramatically increased” trading of its securities in the last few months. Read more

Zichain unveils two index funds for cryptocurrency investors

Zichain on Thursday unveiled two new index funds for Cryptocurrency investors. Zichain is an internationally-renowned group of crypto finance that launched the index funds to simplify cryptocurrency investments. According to a report by BCFocus, the SBI holdings is also going to bring the userbase of over 23 million people to its newly launched cryptocurrency exchange.Zichain is recognised as the leading decentralised firm based on asset management that has launched crypto indexes for the first time. In December 2017, Zichain took the initiative to launch this crypto index and it is recognised as the leading decentralised firm based on asset management. Read more

Cryptocurrency exchange Fcoin criticised for Ethereum’s dilemma

An unexpected congestion in the Ethereum network has caused a lot of hue and cry among its users and node operators. In the wake of the congestion, ETH prices started sinking and touched a low of $405.29. It turns out that Fcoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, could be the culprit behind Ethereum's dilemma.Reportedly, Fcoin implemented a new voting system which supposedly ‘incentivizes a Sybil attack’. A Sybil attack is an act of creating large numbers of fake identities to gain a disproportionately massive influence on a network. MyCrypto called the voting mechanism to be 'mind-numbingly despicable' in a recent Tweet. Read more

No mention of Ripple in new crypto-related patent by Western Union, why?

Western Union has published a new patent which furthers the financial services company’s relationship with cryptocurrency. But the most interesting aspect, Blockchain-based global remittance start-up, Ripple is not mentioned in the patent. The newly published patent outlines a technology for a system which manages recurring transfer notifications and secure payments for a cryptocurrency network. Read more

Trading volumes of Binance and Huobi bounce up by over 100%

Major crypto exchanges Binance and Huobi showed triple-digit increase in trading volume in ten days. According to statistics shared by Crypto India mentioning the source as CoinMarketCap, the world’s leading crypto exchange, Binance’s trading jumped by 130% over the period. Meanwhile, Huobi increased by 104%. The same source mentions that the trading volume of Bithumb increased by over 230%. Read more

Swiss crypto companies may receive regular access to banking services soon

Swiss-based crypto companies may get regular access to banking services this year itself. The country’s growing crypto industry has been stunted because Swiss banks have refused to let them set up accounts. With the exception of a few banks, most Swiss financial institutions have refused services to the fintech start-ups in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley. But this issue might be resolved soon as several government officials and bankers are working together. Read more

South Korea officially recognizes cryptocurrency exchanges

In a major breakthrough, South Korea has legitimized the cryptocurrency sector as an industry. Soon, the country will have "a set of classification standards for the South Korean Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry."According to local website BChain, the Korean government is set to release new blockchain industry classification norms by the end of this month. Three ministries - the Ministry of Information and Communication, the National Statistical Office and the Ministry of Science and Technology - are said to have been working been working on a draft for a couple of months. Read more

Bittrex and come together to cater a new digital trading platform

Bittrex, a US-based blockchain trading platform has announced its partnership with a fintech pioneer, Bittrex made the announcement on Twitter today. The partnership is designed to initiate a digital trading platform, starting with customers in the European Union. Bittrex said that this new platform will be launched under the name of its partner. While Bittrex will provide reliable digital wallets, security practices and token listing process, will assist the investment management to advance the marketing, sales and compliance operations. will also supervise the derivative trading, portfolio management and equity trading. Read more

Huobi announces deposit and withdrawal of Monero will be unavailable

The international multi-language digital currency trading platform and exchange, Huobi announced that the deposit and withdrawal of Monero will be unavailable due to the upgrade of the cryptocurrency. Huobi exchange, which has its headquarters in Singapore further noted that the time of resumption will be notified. They would announce the time in another article. Read more

OKEx announces Ontology [ONT] giveaway worth $2.3 million

OKEx, a digital asset exchange that provides financial services to global traders who use blockchain technology, announced their massive ontology give away worth 450,000 (ONT).Hong Kong-based exchange is celebrating ONT's mainnet launch by giving away ONTs worth $2.3 million. Also, the exchange will provide 150,000 ONT by airdropping to OKB holders. They will take snapshots of the OKB amount of all accounts at 11.00 [HKT] on  12 July 2018. Individuals who hold 100 OKB or above will get a share of the 150,000 ONT based on the amount of OKB they hold. Read more


Litecoin is “dead”, Ripple is “Security”: Kyle Samani

In a recent Fortune interview, Kyle Samani, who is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Multicoin – a $75 million cryptocurrency fund, shared some of his views about Litecoin and Ripple. He is of the opinion, “Litecoin has no reason to exist anymore. It was a fork of Bitcoin. It’s just sitting around.” Read more

Stellar to get their first full-featured trading app, know all about StellarX

Stellar is to get their first full-featured trading app, StellarX for its universal marketplace. The trading app is a user-friendly way to trade all types of assets, be it fiat, crypto or bonds.In the Medium post, they mentioned that StellarX is special because it allows people to live the inter-chain dream of “swapping your Philippine Pesos for Litecoin for municipal bonds for lumens”, and all such trades settle in just seconds. They further add that one can trade from their own wallet, deposit and redeem off-chain assets, like BTC or EUR can be easily done. They will also help to manage the secret keys. Read more

Cardano [ADA] takes first step in Thai market with its launch on Bitkub

Cardano [ADA] crypto coin in the current market scenario has again hit the headline with its listing on Bitkub, a Thai exchange. The enlisting of Cardano [ADA] on the Thailand based crypto exchange, Bitkub marks the first time when it enters the market. According to BCFocus, Cardano [ADA] has also previously joined tradeable currencies list on eToro.Bitkub happens to be pioneering among the digital asset exchanges operating in Thailand. This digital asset exchange is a newly established trading platform. In this crypto exchange, the crypto coins are collected with Thai Baht. The other digital currencies along with Cardano [ADA] which have already been enlisted on Bitkub are Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Wancoin [WAN]. Read more

NANO comes to aid in a humane cause in Venezuela

A Venezuelan Reddit user has posted today that the person has received 102 kilograms (224 lb) of food in exchange of the cryptocurrency, NANO. The person made the exchange to help neighbours and communities in need. The post stated that the person had received one entire month of salary worth 0.5 NANO few days ago and used that to purchase a lot of food that would feed 10 villages. Read more

Zcash (ZEC) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) added to Kingdom Trust’s list of crypto investments

Zcash (ZEC) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) have been added to the list of acceptable cryptocurrency investments on Kingdom Trust’s platform. Kingdom Trust is the leading, qualified custodian which holds digital currency investments. With this addition, the crypto custody leader will now have 9 different crypto investments on its platforms. According to Cision PRWeb, the platform plans to add more to the list. Read more

Bitcoin [BTC] may undergo new changes through PoWx

Bitcoin [BTC] is likely to gain an impetus in the advancement of its technology with PoWx's adoption. The updated technology known for the “optical” feature of the proof of work leverages laser technology with higher level of energy efficiency. This attribute forms a fundamental factor for carrying out the process of crypto mining. Previously, BCFocus has reported that 21% of UK Millenials are inclined towards this cryptocurrency and prefer to make investments in Bitcoin [BTC] to real estate. Read more

Was Syscoin [SYS] hacked? Team clarifies the recent confusion related to its trading activity

On July 3, 2018, Syscoin tweeted mentioning that atypical blockchain activity was noted from their side and they request the exchanges to halt all $SYS deposit or withdrawal for that day.This caused a lot of confusion in the community with speculations about the hack. Reports mentioned that one billion Syscoin was mined from a single block, despite the total supply being around 888 million. In a recent post on Medium, Syscoin team said that they take its security very seriously and that’s why the temporary cease on deposit/withdrawal from exchanges was announced. Read more

Opposition accuses India’s ruling party of being involved in a mega Bitcoins scam

The Indian National Congress (INC) has accused the ruling party (BJP) of being involved in a “mega Bitcoin scam.” According to Hindustan Times, they’ve alleged that the BJP has orchestrated a Bitcoin scam worth over ₹5000 crores! Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil said that Gujarat Police has unearthed this scam and the state’s top BJP leadership was involved. He further stated that these leaders were converting black money via hawala transactions.Previously, 13 BJP MLA’s from the state of UP had claimed to have received threats via WhatsApp messages. They alleged that they were being extorted and asked to deposit ₹10 lakh into a Bitcoin account. Read more

BJEX upgrades TRON [TRX] mainNet, token transaction resumed

TRON founder Justin Sun announced on Twitter that BJEX has completed TRON mainNet upgrade and resumed TRON [TRX] token deposit and withdrawal. BJEX has opened TRX assets of the mainNet for trading.The exchange also notified its users to update the coin addresses. They have warned the users to not recharge on the old address because only the new mainNet supports recharge. Read more

Stellar (XLM) continues to gain importance while Ripple (XRP) faces another lawsuit

Investors in the crypto world are giving more importance to Stellar (XLM) as Ripple and its founder are faced with yet another lawsuit. While investors are feeling skeptical about Ripple's legal status as a potential security, IBM's rumoured interest in Stellar's blockchain has generated a lot of optimism among investors despite its low market performance, weak price action trading and a near-term bearish outlook. According to the recent buzz, IBM is going to launch its own cryptocurrency using the Stellar blockchain. Read more

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