Cryptojacking alert: 30,000 MicroTik routers compromised in India 24666
Priyanka Babu
Oct 6, 2018 at 2:27 PM

Cryptojacking is causing a widespread rampage in the online world. A new report published by Banbreach revealed that almost 30,000 MikroTik routers have been compromised in India. The routers have been affected with Coinhive, a code that enables miners to mine cryptocurrency and specializes in mining Monero [XMR].  The report also indicates that the number of compromised routers in the country has doubled in the past month.

According to the data, the routers in the capital city of India seems to be affected the most. New Delhi is followed by Thane and Mumbai. New Delhi and Mumbai are the most advanced metropolitan cities of India. The report suggests that tier 3 cities were most affected followed by tier 1.

It has also been found that Internet service providers [ISPs] in India are distributing infected routers, according to a report by Hard Fork. Apparently, these providers are unaware that hackers have manipulated the routers to mine Monero on every page using their networks. Major names in the telecom sector like Reliance Communications and BSNL Corporate are among the top ten internet providers which have infected routers. “I found [CoinHive] in the router provided by my ISP a couple of days ago,” tweeted an android developer from Mumbai. He added that there is a probability that all routers used by MikroTik are infected and outdated.

MikroTik routers were allegedly found snooping on the user traffic, according to a report last month. The routers were found to be evading the privacy of users by exploiting a security vulnerability in MikroTik RouterOS operating system. Over 7,500 routers are directly forwarding user data, while another 239,000 have enabled proxies.

Crypto jacking with Coinhive software first made headlines when miners hacked over 200,000 routers across Brazil in August this year. The hacking continued when another 80,000 routers were hacked using a modified version of Coinhive in September. The raging cryptojacking war continues as 30,000 routers are being used to illegally mine cryptocurrencies.

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