Customers in France can now shop at tobacco shops with Bitcoin

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Nov 23,2018 11:11 AM

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CryptoDaily; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, TRON, Coinbase, Bytecoin; November 23, 2018 - BCFocus | BCFocus 19天前

[…] A France-based fintech company has decided to integrate cryptocurrency with the sale of tobacco. Keplerk, a cryptocurrency facilitator, has established deals to enable customers to shop at French tobacco shops using Bitcoin, according to a report by Reuters on Thursday. Local cash register software providers have entered into contracts with Keplerk to enable cryptocurrency payments in select tobacco shops. The company has been optimizing the process of selling Bitcoin directly to retail customers for over a year. Read more […]

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[…] power subsidy that Bitcoin miners were enjoying in Norway has been scrapped, according to a local news report. According to a […]