Dash [DASH] crypto organisation introduces blockchain to Academia 14719
Ashmita Dutta
Jun 14, 2018 at 4:22 PM

Dash [DASH] crypto community is all set to fund Academia for introducing blockchain technology as a part of its latest project. Academia is responsible to safeguard and stand for intellectual property rights by fighting out theft and plagiarism activities. According to a previous report by BCFocus, Dash [DASH] has recently invested in Vaultoro to make Dash payments.

Dash [DASH] community is DAO or a decentralised autonomous organisation. This implies that the holders of Dash [DASH] cryptocurrencies are free to vote once all the funds are allotted. The users of the organisation are also permitted to vote for funding certain ventures within the funding system.

The Dash [DASH] crypto community enjoys a deep connection with the academic sector due to the decentralised autonomous nature. The latest enterprise is directed towards the publication of a new genome for a cannabis present on blockchain.

The Dash [DASH] company gears up for rewarding the scientists with the virtual currency. The scientists would be chosen on the basis of their peer reviewing of the genome. The token holders within the Dash [DASH] community engaged in a vote for providing funds to a start-up. The funding amount is nearly 30 Dash [DASH] coins which is almost equivalent to USD $8,098.

This leads to the creation of remedial measures to certain major issues inside the ecosystem of academic patents. The beneficial factors associated with the application of this advanced blockchain technology are numerous. In order to combat the earlier issues of stealing intellectual property, the Dash [DASH] community leverages the technology. The blockchain technology prohibits agricultural business organisation from wrongly claiming their right on genome once the project releases it.

The fundamental purpose of the project is using the fund in the development of Cannabis genome. It is planned to be published in “crypto-incentivized, crypto-recorded” process involving peer review. The project undertaken by the company would eventually terminate its association with a huge scientific market dealing with publication. The market happens to dominate academic zone. This sector also functions without paying the reviewers, publishers and editors.

The introduction of blockchain technology can substantially play a pivotal role in fighting the theft of intellectual property. The venture initiated from the funding by Dash [DASH] organisation foster academic experts and professionals to review anonymous authors.

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