Dash [DASH] projects push for crypto adoption in Africa despite lack of funding 24617 Dash adoption in Africa
Ashmita Dutta
Oct 5, 2018 at 7:52 PM

After making its mark as an alternative to Venezuela's devalued currency amid hyperinflation, Dash [DASH] has now set its sights on Africa. Dash Force News (DFN), the first community project funded by the Dash DAO, recently revealed details regarding the adoption of the coin in Africa.

Dash Hub Africa and Dash Africa have led the way in spreading awareness in the continent regarding the use of Dash, even though the projects are facing shortage of funds.

The latter project was recently re-branded as Dash Nigeria to avoid confusion regarding the organization's work in the continent. Meanwhile, Dash Hub Africa functions as a promotional and non-profitable organization that aims to educate locals regarding the token.

This project is on a mission to boost token adoption among customers and merchants with the help of its ambassador program. The project's ambassadors convinced 25 merchants during a visit to the Ivory Coast to adopt the coin and get themselves listed on Discover Dash, a directory of all businesses that accept the crypto as payment.

The DFN report quoted the organization saying that “consumers are willing to spend Dash on basic utilities like bills, airtime, subscription and vouchers”.

Lack of funds delay projects' plans

Since the last few months, both projects have suffered from diminishing funds. This was because of inconsistent funding from the DAO Treasury due to the decline in the value of Dash against the U.S. dollar.

However, Dash Hub Africa's latest proposal to spread awareness about the altcoin in Togo, Benin Republic and Ivory Coast was funded by the DAO Treasury.

For now, the project has “plans to introduce varieties of products such as android devices, pen drives, accessories and gadgets” to generate revenue. These funds have only helped the project to “break-even with little profit to pay staff and settle operational expenses”.

Moreover, Dash Africa's plans to integrate the token with crypto exchanges and other businesses have been stalled due to lack of funds. So far, the project has achieved “4,000 Dash wallet downloads” and hosted multiple meetups, conference attendances and other educational activities, according to its post on the community's forum.

Nevertheless, the organization has successfully integrated the coin with the following exchanges: Satowallet.com, WegoEx, Gredoe-currency.com and Truexgold.com. But the project has not been able to complete 15 other integrations that are currently in the pipeline.

The project told DFN that “to complete the ‘paused integrations’ more hands are needed”, and it intends to submit another proposal to the DAO Treasury for the same.

Though the issue of funding deficit has come in the way of  these organizations' collective mission, they have not yielded to the pressure and continue to work towards increasing the adoption rate of the crypto in the continent.

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