Dell’s analytics arm explores blockchain to retain its top position in Indian market

Dell’s analytics arm explores blockchain to retain its top position in Indian market 24051
Priyanka Babu
Sep 26, 2018 at 7:16 PM

Dell EMC technologies is exploring new technologies that can help it maintain its position as one of the top companies in the market. They are currently seeking to introduce products that are integrated to artificial intelligence, blockchain and analytics that are cloud compliant, according to a report by Economic Times. The top IT service companies have recognized an increase in the demand for digital technology-based services with a corresponding increase in revenue ranging between 26% and 28%.

“The clients that we work with are looking to tap these technologies, which is why we are bringing in servers that allow them to optimize on traditional workloads as well as invest into new age workloads such as cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics and blockchain,” said Manish Gupta, senior director & general manager at Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell EMC India.

Gupta went on to say that these demands are from sectors like information technology, IT-enabled services, banking, financial services and insurance and government. These sectors are already using or are beginning to use modern technologies. “With the launch of our new servers PowerEdge MX, we are aiming to bring in modern architecture along with scalability,”  he added. Revenues from their traditional programming based services were found to be decreasing.

The company in a study has found that a growing number of their customers have turned to software-defined technologies apart from servers. They found that 72% of Indian respondents are using software-defined technologies compared to 53% across the rest of Asia. Gupta said that 46% of Indian customers are likely to use 'converged and hyper-converged infrastructure' compared to the 19% of consumers in rest of the Asian countries.

In Q1 2018, Dell led the Indian server market with an overall market share of 28.3%. Its share price was increased by 12% points from Q4, 2017 due to the amalgamation of their business in existing EMC accounts.

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