DNAtix developed Proof of Concept by transferring DNA onto Ethereum Blockchain 6496
Roshni Vayyapuri
Apr 17, 2018 at 3:50 PM

DNAtix, Digital genetics group has reached a milestone to be the first company to have successfully transferred a DNA sequence over a blockchain.

Digital genetics group DNAtix has developed successful proof of Concept (PoC) test for transferring DNA sequences onto the blockchain. This will result in a phenomenal medical development by preventing various genetic-related diseases and disorders.

According to sources, the Los Angeles based company transferred the complete genome sequence of a virus – Enterobacteria phage phiX174 sensu lato – over the Ethereum Blockchain. The company believes that it is the first time that anyone has transferred a DNA sequence over a blockchain successfully. Proof of concept experiment is the key milestone in the DNA research and development using blockchain.

DNAtix stated that the DNA transfer to blockchain will open many opportunities for various other applications that the company is planning to offer. The benefits are given to the users of its techno-platform and the ecosystem which they provide.

Ofer Lidsky, DNAtix’s CEO, and co-founder said in a statement.  “This is only the beginning of unlocking humanity’s biggest mysteries,” Our ecosystem will enable better genetic understanding by allowing players in the market to use our open source technology and introduce new developments for the benefit of humankind.” He added.

The current blockchain technology cannot support too large size data. This is the major obstacle faced during the process of DNA transfer. To compensate this DNAtix has developed proprietary DNA compression algorithms which helped to transfer large size data to the blockchain.

They have developed a working prototype which is direct to consumer platform. This will allow the users to perform partial or full DNA sequence analysis, also there are allowed to choose add-on tests which are fully digitalized. From the broad selection of services.

Tal Sines, DNAtix CSO & Co-founder said, “Transferring the sequence of a virus, which in terms of the size of genetic data of living organisms is considered small, is just the first step,” “Your DNA is the key to improve your lifestyle and healthcare.”

This development would bring about a phenomenal change in the field of medicine. The ability to transfer large size data of DNA on a blockchain in a more précised and secure way will allow future advancement in the development of treatments and cutting-edge personalized and preventive medicine. The company said their vision for future is a new world of genetic possibilities.