EOS Cryptocurrency Bugs Made This Hacker Richer by $120K In A Week 12306
Sharat Chandra
Jun 5, 2018 at 11:53 PM

Security flaws and bugs are associated with some of the big names in cryptocurrency space. Finding bugs can make you richer if you have the skills. A Dutch ethical hacker Guido Vranken found several flaws in the EOS network which made him eligible for a whopping $120,000 reward from the EOS bug bounty program.

Vranken says he identified 11 confirmed bugs in the EOS software last week. The HackerOne report explains that the hacker has already received $90,000 in bounty payments from EOS parent company Block.one for nine different imperfections he found in the system.

The EOSIO Bug Bounty Program was launched in partnership with the leading ethical hacker-powered security platform, HackerOne. The on-going EOS program intends to capitalize on the collective intelligence and capabilities of the Block. one Engineering team and leading security researchers via HackerOne’s user-friendly interface. Vranken estimates that the total amount owed to him comes close to $120,000 and the rewards are unstoppable now. He has found several bugs related to Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar in the past. EOS bounty did bring him the riches.

The EOSIO Medium page thanked, " the contributions of the community as we work to ensure the continued improvement of the EOSIO software well beyond its V1 release. We also want to thank all those who have are already contributed, including Guido Vranken, Yuki Chen of Qihoo 360 Vulcan Team, and Zhiniang Peng of Qihoo 360 Core Security."

It remains unclear whether the EOS bugs reported by Vranken were fixed or not. There has been no official word from EOS team. EOS blockchain is still not working up to its potential and has been marred by glitches.

Image via AdClair

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