EOS (EOS), Bitcoin cash (BCH) double-digit gainers among the top 15 13425
Pinaz Kazi
Jun 9, 2018 at 3:54 PM

EOS (EOS) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) are the gainers in double-digits of the week among the top 15 coins as mentioned by CoinMarketCap. Though both the coins faced a lot of criticism in their early stages, they are now slowly growing and developing.

BCH gaining popularity

Bitcoin Cash’s founder Roger Ver has been propagating his coin in the market and even recently wrote a quirky tweet: “Everything has scaled exponentially except for BTC. This is why I support BCH.” Recently, a number of events have made the adoption of Bitcoin Cash easier. Such as, encrypted messaging app, Keyport allows users to connect to the Bitcoin Cash network so that their messages are not censored by a third party.

Another such example is of Bitcoin Cash Fund which is a community-driven project which aims at pushing the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. It was also announced that a new website has been started which is the “home of all things Bitcoin Cash”. The scenario is more or less the same with EOS as well. Lately, it has gained a lot of popularity ever since it shot two shots at once.

EOS gaining popularity

EOS launched their EOSIO developer portal, updated their EOSIO programming to 1.0 version and then collaborated with SVK crypto worth around $50 million capital. EOS has been listed on Huobi and BitMEX platform and is currently gearing up for its launch. On Saturday, at 1:00 UTC more than 100 candidate organisations gathered and participated in a call, the vote occurred roughly 45 minutes later.

Around 1800 people watched and vote to ‘Go / No Go’ was done almost unanimously. The final count has not been reported but the meeting was streamed on YouTube by EOS GO, Coin Desk reported. Currently, EOS trading price is of $13.95, a market cap of $12.5 billion and a green index of 14.89% over the week, AMB Crypto reported.

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