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Jessica Kuruthukulangara
Sep 4, 2018 at 10:22 PM

Ledger, which provides security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies, said on Tuesday that it would now support EOS [EOS] on its hardware wallet Ledger Nano S along with six other digital assets.

The company, which also develops blockchain apps for individuals and companies, has a practice of releasing new third-party coin apps on the first Tuesday of every month – referred to as Crypto Tuesday.

The other virtual currencies that will be supported by the wallet are Hycon [HYC], Waves [WAVES], Rise [RISE], FIC Network [eFIC], Pirl [PIRL] and Akroma [AKA].

In order to install these third-party apps, users need to install the latest version of the Ledger Live desktop app.

According to Ledger’s website, EOS accounts cannot be added to Ledger Live. Instead, one can install the EOS app from the catalogue in Ledger Live onto the hardware wallet to manage EOS with the Fairy-wallet.

Ledger's future plans

The company also included its roadmap in the tweet, which shows all the third-party apps that it is working on adding support for. These include Cardano [ADA], Lisk [LSK] and IOTA [MIOTA].

In an earlier blog post, the company had said that the newly added cryptos would not be directly compatible with its native companion app Ledger Live, a one-stop solution for device management and crypto assets.

To perform transactions on Ledger Nano S, users will have to use a compatible third-party wallet. The company plans to gradually incorporate support for these apps on Ledger Live, which will allow users to transact with these new digital assets directly from the desktop app.

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