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Chaitanya Thammaya
Jun 23, 2018 at 5:35 PM

EOS blockchain is fully active and online after repeated delays, series of trials and bug hunting the. They received over the needed votes making it go live. The MainNet launch took place on Saturday at 1:00 UTC, over 100 candidates gathered and participated in the vote while around 1800 people watched. This has been one of the biggest milestones in the development of the Blockchain. Let’s have a look at what the crypto coin’s been up to this past week and how it’s currently faring.

EOS News

After the launch, airdrops to the cryptocurreny's users are rapidly increasing. According to reports, EON is becoming very popular and is the most valuable one. Many EOS investors even claim it to be “the most expensive crypto candy in history”.

Just a few days after the MainNet launch, EOS is already embroiled in a controversy. The controversy arose as a result of EOS [EOS] accounts being blocked on the grounds of suspicion of being stolen.

EOS New York stated in a post, “On 17 June 2018, the top 21 Block Producers unanimously agreed to protect property that may have been compromised through phishing attacks or other scams where member’s private keys were compromised.”

The cryptocurrency company announced on Medium that they started working on the EOS Resource Planner three months ago and finally the network is now live. It is an open source tool that can answer simple questions every developer is going to ask. The open source code will allow it to be used anywhere by anyone. They have finished with the MVP which can be found at https://www.eosrp.io/.

The EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) was organized to resolve any disputes in the digital token's community issued an order yesterday. According to the "Emergency Measure of Protection Order," block producers have been directed to not process transactions from 27 different wallet addresses. No reason has been specified as to why these accounts have been frozen.

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EOS Price today

EOS is the 5th largest cryptocurrency in the crypto market with a market cap of $7 billion. The digital coin is currently trading at $8.43 per token. It has seen a 10.09% price drop in the past 24 hours.

EOS (EOS) weekly updates and news, EOS Price analysis, EOS price predictions – June 23rd, 2018-BCFocus

The cryptocurrency has been on a downward spiral and it went down by 20% on Friday. The coin has not performed well this entire week and the last. Overall the coin looks pretty vulnerable in the current bearish market. Experts predict that if the downward trend continues it could fall down to $7 or even to $5.

Price prediction

According to Wallet Investor, the coin will see a price hike and it could climb up to to 27.581 USD in one year. They also believe that the digital coin has the potential to rise up to $20 in one year. While it seems to be struggling in the markets bearish turn, it seems the coin has a bright future ahead.

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