EOS tokens worth millions stolen; Block.one scam 11436
Jun 3, 2018 at 2:10 PM

EOS and ETH tokens worth millions of dollars have reportedly been stolen from the Block.one system. Due to the incident, Block.one has temporarily terminated its Zendesk email support system.

Digital hackers drew out a plan to hack cryptocurrencies from the parent company of EOS ICO, Block.one. They allegedly made use of the compromised email platform, which was powered by the cloud software provider, Zendesk. The details of thousands of investors were extracted by the investors, which helped them steal their EOS and Ethereum (ETH) tokens worth millions.

Block.one is en route to raising $4 billion for the development of their new blockchain software. As a part of the initiative, the company had sold over 1 billion EOS tokens to investors from all around the world. Today was the last day of the sale, which had begun almost a year ago. The hackers made use of this situation to get what they wanted.

They plan itself is a well-thought-of one. The hackers hacked into the email system of Block.one and sent emails to the investors. The emails contained a hyperlink with the domain name, https://xn--es-8bb.com, which would get translated by the web browsers to eos.com.

Further, the website was designed such that it asked the investors to enter their crypto wallet’s private key in order to get the free tokens. The hackers unlocked the wallets using these keys and made away with a huge amount of crypto.

Some investors have lost a remarkably huge amount of crypto. One Redditor named Sofia says 

“I have lost around $45,000 worth of EOS tokens from my wallet, I hope the justice would be served.”

Several complaints have been lodged at the cyber police by investors, who were expecting free tokens, but instead, got hoodwinked. However, investigations are on to find the hacker/s.

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