Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin debates on Bitcoin block size; community argues 18562
Pinaz Kazi
Aug 11, 2018 at 1:11 PM

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is known to be very vocal about his crypto-related opinions. In fact, he enthusiastically engages in such debates – the most recent one being the Ouroboros Vs. Casper debate he had with Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson. In a recent Twitter post, he started another debate by putting up a poll for Bitcoin community.

On August 9, Vitalik Buterin put up a poll on Twitter related to Bitcoin’s block size. He wrote, “Poll for Bitcoin Core supporters. Suppose you had to flip a coin, and if it handed heads the bitcoin block size becomes one value and if it landed tails the bitcoin block size becomes another value. Which of the following would you choose?” The options he gave was, “Heads 20 MB, tails 20 MB” and “Heads 4 MB, tails 36 MB”

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To make it clear, he added, "I'm trying to elicit your opinion about whether the harms of growing blocksize are superlinear or sublinear..." He went to explain, "Superlinear: the bigger the chain already is, the harder it is for it to handle 1 MB more. Sublinear: at XX MB, the chain's already basically centralized to hell so it's not that interesting, so 1 MB more at that point wouldn't do much more harm" And asked, "Which intuition is stronger?"

People in the crypto world knows that there’s already this debate in the community regarding the block size. Some are in favour of increase in block size, while others are against it. For those who aren’t aware, Bitcoin block size is limited to 1MB since 2010 and Bitcoin cash’s block size is of 32MB. Some have even argued that due to the limitation of 1 MB block size, the number of transactions is minimal.

Vitalik Buterin tries to highlight the scalability issues in the tweet. He added, “I just wanted to add a word to signify that the poll was meant to target proponents of the small-block, scaling via lightning network first, (almost) no hard forks…position. Plenty of people are Bitcoin supporters and have no opinion on those issues. What would you recommend?”

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To which a Twitter user named ArminVanBitcoin commented: “I don’t know about your Ethereum developers, but Bitcoin core developers work on scaling the network by writing quality code, not by flipping a coin at some My Little Pony dance party.”

Image via Ethereum World News

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