Ex-Googlers new initiative for Blockchain followers 6394
Akriti Mathur
Apr 17, 2018 at 6:44 AM

Google, one of the top companies known for their innovative solutions have always been ahead of  their competitors. The company always stays abreast with different technologies. Apparently, it has never been completely comfortable about Blockchain technology.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has turned out to be one of the greatest investors in distributed ledger start ups.

Google and Youtube have restricted cryptocurrency advertisements. However Google’s smart minds have taken few steps in this domain by forming a Blockchain community. The community is called xGoogler Blockchain Alliance.

The three popular persons whose founded GBA were Andy Tian, Hitters Xu and Daniel Wang.

Andy Tian is Gifto’s founder. Gifto is a decentralized universal gifting protocol. It has over 20 million users. It is developed on Ethereum blockchain. Tian is well qualified and has made his mark in some of the biggest institutions. He is a computer scientist from MIT. He was the Strategic Partnership Development Manager at Google. He also headed the use of Android OS in China. He has also been the general manager of Zynga.

Hitters Xu is the co-founder of GBA. He was the founder of Nebulas. Nebulas has a public blockchain. It has been said as the “Google for Blockchain Technology”. Xu has also been part of Google Search team and Anti-fraud team. He has identified China as a major player in the blockchain market and has participated extremely enthusiastically. BitsClub, which is China’s first ever Blockchain community was founded by him.

Hitter Xu tweeted,

Daniel Wang is the founder of Loopring. Loopring is a decentralized exchange as well as open protocol. He was associated with Google as a Tech lead. He is also the co-founder & VP of Yunrang Technology. He has also been the Senior Director at JD.com. Moreover, he is the co-founder of several other organisations like Coinport Exchange and Hygiene Online. Also, he is also the senior director and blockchain researcher at Zhongan Technology.

Those who are interested in joining the community can fill the form with the required details. The form guides you through a streamline process of knowing your requirements in blockchain. This way GBA is able to aid you in the best way possible.


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