Ex-IBM Global Vice President Launches i2Chain Blockchain Based Cybersecurity Startup 9926
Sharat Chandra
May 25, 2018 at 11:52 PM

Ajay Jotwani as a Cofounder & CEO of i2Chain, Inc launched cybersecurity startup with a focus on bolstering the information and identity. i2Chain is in the process of building a XaaS based platform that empowers consumers and enterprises to secure their information and identities, the two most valuable assets.

The timing of the announcement coincides with General Data Protection Regulation, a European Union standard, setting the ground for protecting the security and access interest of online and digital consumers globally.

Ajay Jotwani was Vice President of Digital Workplace Services (DWS) at IBM. DWS, a new business division groomed & incubated under Ajay's leadership delivered approximately $1B signings run rate in under a year. As an owner of DWS practice, Ajay transformed the paradigm of Product Management & Business development and led the teams to change the offerings by consolidating, simplifying and modeling it a 100% XaaS based. Ajay has held executive positions in Wipro, Mphasis, and others in the areas of global Infrastructure services and Security services.

"The two assets - Information and Identity never ever lose value.  i2Chain, as a pure-play cybersecurity enterprise, will dedicate itself to the sole purpose of protecting Information and Identity", says Ajay Jotwani, Founder & CEO of i2Chain, Inc.  Ajay expresses his excitement at the launch of i2Chain and is energized to focus on securing the Information and Identity leveraging natively secure Blockchain technologies".

Image via Angel List

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