Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Team of private detectives to set out on a global quest for Bitcoin daddy

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto: Team of private detectives to set out on a global quest for Bitcoin daddy 20810
Priyanka Babu
Aug 11, 2018 at 12:12 AM

Initialising phase one of #Findsatoshi! A group of people from the #Findsatoshi, the international community group, launched a fundraising campaign to find the anonymous father of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakomoto. The fundraising campaign was backed by the European crowdfunding platform Boomstarter to initiate an international search for  Satoshi. The campaign expects to raise $236,000 to find Satoshi by the end of the campaign.

Crypto fans say that finding Satoshi will help them to know the future of Bitcoin. They say that the crypto community has the right to know who can defeat the market overnight and also determine whether it is a global fraud. “We, the fans of the cryptocurrency, who faithfully believe in the ideals of digital money, should know who has more than 1 million coins in his wallet. There’s simply too much risk for a new economic paradigm. And if Satoshi does not want publicity, we must declassify it ourselves”, the description of the campaign reads.

They also wrote,” We, the crypto-enthusiasts, are obliged to find out the truth in order to exist peacefully in this environment. Without the fear that tomorrow a man will come out from behind the curtains announcing that the circus is over and then will disappear again.”

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The international community, #Findsatoshi is planning to hire independent detective agencies based in the US, Japan, and Europe. Some conditions were set by the community for the investigation. They asked for IT professionals and linguists to be included in the hunt for Satoshi. Also, the detective agencies were asked to conduct a public report on their activities. They have plans of broadcasting this report globally in the news section and also publicise the report on their social media network.

The detective agencies that fell into the selected list of the community were, Detective Agency in Japan: Goro Kayam’a, Detective Agency USA New York Intelligence Agency, Inc, International Detective Agency in the UK Private Detective London, and Russian-French agency Osobka.

The crypto community showed respect to the anonymous identity of the Bitcoin creator saying that, “……if Satoshi turns out to be an ordinary person - the genius crypto-enthusiast who is simply afraid of publicity - after the publication of his true name we pledge not to bother him in the future and we pledge to completely preserve the inviolability of his identity.”

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