Five million people can use Ripple’s XRP to pay bills, as new payment platform adds crypto 20771
Pinaz Kazi
Aug 10, 2018 at 1:37 PM

Ripple’s XRP is reportedly available on crypto payment platform –, as confirmed by a Filipino cryptocurrency website BitPinas. The payment platform has around 5 million users. Now, the five million users can now ditch their traditional fiat and use XRP for payment. According to the report, it has already made its debut on the Android app of the company.

The platform which launched in 2014 allows its users in Philippines to pay their bills in cryptocurrency directly. The platform hopes that it will soon build its customer base to 20 million by 2020. Reportedly, the platform also offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. head of cryptocurrencies, Colin Goltra, told Bitpinas in an interview previously that they were testing a XRP integration in its wallet app. They rolled out XRP integration to some of the randomly selected participants.

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XRP Adoption

The community has a reason to rejoice since this comes as big news as far as the crypto's adoption is concerned. Not just because of this but also because holders collectively transferred XRP worth millions of dollars and started spending on everyday items after payment with Wirex Visa card became available.

Currently, the crypto is meeting the basic crypto demands in terms of speed, security and control. In fact, transactions can be settled in seconds. With Wirex things have become even easier. Wirex allows users to interact between fiat and cryptocurrencies through a secure 3D debit card.

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Moreover, one can link their Wirex XRP wallet to the debit or credit card, making it all the more easy. If the user is within the Europe Economic Area (EEA) and have a verified account, the person might enjoy a number of other benefits. Though the integration took place just a few weeks ago, it is changing the lives of the users. In fact, it was reported that Wirex received $2 million worth Ripple’s XRP deposits in 12 hours.

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