Former Huobi CTO Zhang Jian Launches FCoin Securing Investments From Top Venture Capital Firms 9797
Sharat Chandra
May 23, 2018 at 11:58 PM

FCoin is the world’s first fully transparent digital asset trading platform. It has secured investments from some big names in institutional investor space. Danhua Capital, Node Capital, Singer Capital, Timestamp Capital, 8 Decimal Capital and Zipper Fund have poured capital into FCoin.FCoin was established by Zhang Jian, former Huobi CTO and author of the book “Blockchain: Defining The Future Finance and Economic Landscape.”

Zhang Jian was exuberant to get funding from trusted names in Venture Capital business. He expressed optimism in business expansion and had set the momentum to be a prominent player in the cryptocurrency trading market. FCoin is unique in many ways. It stands out from the clutter of common cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is akin to a community which empowers its members to exercise their rights by holding FCoin Tokens(FTs) issued by FCoin.

FCoin has some distinct features. It is the world's first transparent trading platform. It puts disclosure of real-time assets and transaction information on the platform. The platform boasts of a transaction fee mining model. More than half of the FCoin tokens are given back to community members by returning the transaction fee. FCoin promotes giving back to the community members by ensuring that 80% of the exchange's revenue goes back to holders of FCoin tokens. It gives holders of FTs right to decide and participate in decisions affecting the community at large.

Zhang spelled out the ways of accepting listings of cryptocurrencies. The first way is through recommendation. Crypto which has endorsement by a majority of community members and satisfies the conditions can be put on the mainboard. Cryptocurrencies which fail to cut are forwarded to the innovation board post a constant scrutiny process.FCoin makes the audit results public within three days from the submission of application. Positive audit results are given immediate approval.

Zhang hopes to bring a superior clearing and settlement system based on blockchain technology. His vision is to upgrade the exchange to an architecture of token and blockchain and start the token economy.

Image via Bitcoin News

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