Former LMAX Executive Sunny Singh Launches World’s First FX/Crypto Sports Marketing Agency 9643
Sharat Chandra
May 21, 2018 at 11:04 PM

A former LMAX executive Sunny Singh has launched world's first sports consultancy firm, Van Hawke Sports, for foreign exchange and cryptocurrency firms. Van Hawke Sports is a sports marketing agency offering specialist services on sponsorship consultancy and activation for the Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrency sectors.

FX firms and sports teams have always enjoyed an excellent affinity for each other. In February this year, AvaTrade inked a deal with Manchester City Football Club.FX firms have offered sponsorship support to sports teams for some time, but Van Hawke has the unique distinction of being the only company in the world to provide services to FX and crypto sports sponsorship space.

Sunny Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of Van Hawke, was pleased to dedicate the services of his firm to FX and crypto groups. He pointed out that never before any firm attempted to channel their core competency to serve firms dealing volatile markets such as FX and crypto. Mr. Singh has spent more than a decade in FX industry and is leveraging his experience and expertise to grow Van Hawke. He worked for six years as a senior marketing manager for the LMAX exchange, a London based multilateral trading facility for FX trading. Before LMAX, he was Head of Marketing for Hantec Markets and ODL securities.

Mr. Singh commented, "Our proven industry experience and extensive knowledge in Sports Marketing ensures brands receive the very best personalized service when seeking opportunities for; Sports Sponsorship, Brand Ambassadors, and Client Activation."Van Hawke Sports is headquartered in Mayfair, London.Mr. Singh has stitched together a brilliant team of sports sponsorship and marketing mavericks to offer a complete range of agency services for global brands.

"Be Bold Be Creative" is the tagline of Van Hawke Sports. Their creativity and bravado in enabling brands to complete their sponsorship process from inception to activation and evaluation is a new concept in itself.

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