Fry Egg: Leveraging fitness with its Cryptocurrency based platform  7188
Akriti Mathur
Apr 25, 2018 at 5:06 PM


Fry Egg, an online marketplace aiming for health and wellness has launched its own Cryptocurrency platform. 

Sources states that the company connects clients to coaches and health programs. It is being said that the company is achieving greater heights in the cryptocurrency market. Their video on Youtube gives a sneak peak about their fitness platform.

Fry Egg is an online coach for guiding people about their meal and exercise plan to achieve a fit body. The programs are cost effective. Also, clients and coaches are able to interact efficiently with encrypted messaging provided by Fry Egg. It is convenient for coaches to take up this opportunity as full time or part time. 

Trishant Chaudhry, CEO of Fry Egg added, “Fry Egg is an exciting business venture that has exploded onto the cryptocurrency market. We have been seeing increasing interest in this business in a short period of time. In one week alone, we added 1,000 telegraph users and even our tweets have gone from two to three likes and retweets to over 300. This platform provides a unique, incentivized way for clients to get healthy, stay on track and earn while they meet their health goals.”

It has now introduced its new Egg Token that is rewarded to clients and coaches. The criteria for giving the reward depends upon the results of the clients in the program. 

The advantage of achieving these tokens are as follow:

  • The tokens can be used for buying new programs, participate in new competitions and giveaways
  • Used as a tip for coaches and much more

Trishant Chaudhry is a 20 year old individual who found the company in 2015.



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