Greek Police thwarts assassination attempt on Alexander Vinnik, the Mt. Gox hack mastermind 9214
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Ashmita Dutta
May 14, 2018 at 6:06 PM
Alexander Vinnik, the cryptocurrency criminal has been spared a life by the stringent vigilance of Greek Police. A ploy of assassination has been conducted to eliminate the existence of this Russian criminal. In 2017, while Vinnik was on a vacation, an arrest warrant was released. He was immediately arrested in Greece under the charges of money laundering and fraudulence.
U.S. and Russia both are attempting to deport Vinnik to their respective nations. The media has reported that authentic information on Vinnik’s assassination has been received by the Greek Police officials. The intelligence reports suggest that the assassinators ploy to kill Vinnik through poisoning.
As soon as this information was received by the chief prosecutor and prison head of Thessaloniki, Vinnik was informed. The information was taken seriously by the law enforcement agencies of Greek. Consequently, the security measures concerning this infamous Russian hacker were increased. It was circulated among the Greek Police officials not to hand over to Vinnik food or even water from anonymous entities. The mastermind of Mt. Gox hacking case is forbidden by the Greek legal authorities to maintain contact with prison inmates.
According to media reports, assassination has been anticipated by the Greek law enforcement agencies from the initial days of 2018. However, the legal authorities refuted to publicise the intelligence report. This measure was primarily taken to curb intervention in the investigation procedure from any quarter.
The assassination plan of removing Vinnik has yet not been claimed by any criminal section of the world. Nevertheless, the rumours of the assassination revolve around a group of Russians. Various groups of cryptocurrency criminals are agitated due to the assistance provided by Vinnik to Greek Police. Vinnik has agreed to provide all criminal information and evidences pervading in the Russian financial area.
The rumour of Vinnik’s case having connection with the poisoning case of Sergei Skripal, a spy of Russia, is completely negated. The official negation of this rumour is confirmed by the Greek Police.
According to investigation report, the hacking of Mt.Gox is entirely planned and executed by Vinnik. He is also involved in the laundering of crypto funds utilising the platform of BTC-e. The money laundering of cryptocurrency ranges from $4 billion to $9 billion. The account address of Vinnik was visible when Bitcoins were removed from Mt.Gox. Considering the fact that Vinnik stole Bitcoins from Mt.Gox, investigators linked his association with other fraudulent cases also. These cases include Bitfloor and Bitcoininca.
The arrest of this Russian crypto criminal was undertaken at the initiative and request of U.S government. Two distinct judgements were given by two judges in 2017 stating to deport Vinnik to Russia and U.S. In December 2017, Supreme Court supported the extradition of Vinnik to U.S. However, Vinnik plans to challenge the decision by appealing to European Court of Human Rights.

 (Image source: Google)

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