Hackers in China sell data of 130mn hotel’s customers on dark web for Bitcoin (BTC)

Hackers in China sell data of 130mn hotel’s customers on dark web for Bitcoin (BTC) 22042
Madhurima Roy
Aug 30, 2018 at 6:00 PM

No matter how much prominent organizations and individuals take the initiative of curbing cybercrimes like hacking, it continues to go out of hands. This time, an elaborate hacking incident occurred in China. As per reports, hackers have not only revealed but also sold personal information of more than 130 million hotel guests on a Chinese Dark Web forum for 8 Bitcoin that values approximately $56,000.

Data breach in return of Bitcoin

The news grabbed attention of the Chinese media on 29th August. The most surprising thing in this hacking incident is that all the affected individuals are clients of Huazhu Hotels Group, a leading hospitality chains in China that has earned reputation of managing more than 3,800 hotels across 382 cities.

The breach came in at a time when the country’s government is seriously cracking down on virtual currencies. The country's most reputed companies like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent have started barring all crypto related transactions and/or discussions.

How is the hotel handling the situation?

Zibao, a company dealing in cybersecurity, speculated that the massive data breach occurred as the programmers or developers of the leading hotel, uploaded some segments of their firm’s database to Github earlier this month.

The hotel, whose reputation has been affected, accepted the incident and stated that the hotel itself is conducting some internal investigation and has got in touch with the Shanghai police to resolve the matter. As reported by TWN, a police release noted: “Those who commit illegal acts including theft, trading and exchange of residents’ personal data will be heavily punished. We are resolute in protecting people’s interest and ensuring information security.”



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