Chandna P
Jul 6, 2018 at 7:11 PM

CryptoControl has launched a crypto-specific ad network Bitwords that is based on smart contract. It is aimed at providing transparency to publishers who who use Ethereum smart-contract to manage their funds. 

Existing ad networks don’t reveal how much cut they take from the money credited by advertisers and how much of it actually goes to publishers. However, Bitwords will publicly showcase how funds move in the network.

The Crypto news aggregator's press release read, "Because the code for the smart-contract is publicly available and cannot be modified even by Bitwords themselves, everyone can see that Bitwords only takes a 10% cut from revenues. Everyone can see who are the different advertisers on the network and how much of their ether is going towards publishers."

The Bitwords team is further working with, an Ethereum based sidechain (based on to even show how many clicks/impressions have been served on the network.

As part of the initial beta launch, the Bitwords network launched with 5 different crypto publishers and saw click-through rates as high as 10%, averaging at 3-10%.

Steven Enamakel, founder of and said in a statement that:

“The main reason we’re able to drive a ridiculously high CTR is because everything in our network is because everything is crypto-specific. The advertisers are crypto advertisers, the publishers are crypto-publishers and they’re both looking for a crypto-audience”. also recently allowed a feature to let publishers even share traffic by showcasing articles they’ve written as advertisements on other publishers. This allows publishers to share high-quality and relevant traffic amongst each other, driving even more higher CTRs.

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