Infinito Wallet becomes the first universal mobile wallet for Cardano (ADA) 24142
Pinaz Kazi
Sep 27, 2018 at 5:38 PM

A universal wallet that boasts of storing major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, GAS, Dash, ETC and Dogecoin says that it has become the first mobile wallet to support Cardano (ADA).

In the official blog post Infinito Wallet wrote that they’re “thrilled to announce that as of version update 1.15.0, our Universal Wallet now supports users to securely send, receive, and check transaction history of ADA.” With this, Infinito Wallet achieved the milestone of becoming the first mobile wallet to support Cardano (ADA). “This continues to reinforce our vision to be the world leading universal wallet, a single safe place for all types of coins and tokens,” Infinito Wallet’s post noted.

The developers of Infinito Wallet reportedly worked with the development team of Cardano and IOHK. They utilized the Cardano Rust project to integrate ADA-support into the Infinito Wallet. With IOHK’s permission and support, Infinito has contributed code to the open-source Cardano Rust project for ADA mobile wallet integration and will continue to provide such support for the Cardano open-source community.

Infinito Wallet describes the Cardano (ADA) as “digital cash that represents the future of money.” Infinito believes that the technology will help in fast, direct and secure transfers. Also, Cardano plans to “tackle numerous problems facing the crypto industry”

Infinito Wallet mentioned about its future plans stating, "Coming up next in Q4 of 2018, Infinito Wallet will release the next version update 2.0 providing users with a brand new UX/UI design that brings more customization and enhanced user experience along with full support for top blockchain MainNets including Ontology, Stellar & NEM."

In other news, Cardano [ADA] community is going to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its release on September 29, Charles Hoskinson revealed in a short video posted on Twitter. Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, said that special celebrations will be conducted in Tokyo, apart from celebratory events that will be conducted 'throughout the world'.

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