Inflated hash power of bitcoin implies an excessive interest in the leading cryptocurrency 10005
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Ashmita Dutta
May 28, 2018 at 12:39 PM

A report on bitcoin is published on 25th May, 2018 which forms a significant crypto news. It suggests that the blockchain supporting bitcoins is undergoing a rise in count of miner in charge of maintenance of the network. The statistics presents an explicit idea about the upsurge in organisational counts, individuals and bitcoin mining pools involved in running the network.

The last month of 2017 is a testimony to the sudden and till date, the maximum surge in bitcoin valuation which marked $20,000. This is followed by a steep downfall where the market cap in March 2018 touched a level of $300 billion. This figure is highly contrasting to the December 2017 market cap valuation which was recorded at $800 billion. Nevertheless, the statistical data of bitcoin mining assists in the persistence of an optimistic outlook towards cryptocurrencies.

The current and fluctuating value of bitcoin negatively impacts the trading frequency. Hereby, before trading or investing in bitcoins, the traders undertake a stringent technical analysis. The miners, however, falls under the classification of fundamental investors. These miners analyse a number of significant factors before their investment in terms of resources.

This is justifiable when a considerable portion of the market dissociate from spending time, electricity and computational power from an uncertain asset.

However, the interested investors may have a sigh of relief with a strong support from the network. In the ecosystem of bitcoins, miners work in cooperation such that the new blocks get unlocked. This is followed by verification, confirmed transaction and maintenance of the security of network.

The upsurge in hashrates makes it impossible to detect the quantitative figure related to the new miners joining in the network. This suggests that the ones already involved are spending more resources to boost their profit.

Once Bitmain’s ETHash ASIC miner is launched, the developers of Ethereum became apprehensive about GitHub. They were sceptical about whether GPU mining would become obsolete after this measure and whether it would centralise the miners.

However, the difficulty in mining increases with the use of ASICs, whereby, the miners employing weaker systems get lesser rewards. This leads to a fall in incentive amount for the ones seeking to execute the decentralised principle.

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