IOTA (MIOTA) in collaboration with AKITA launches open community project, IOTA Lab 12507
Chaitanya Thammaya
Jun 6, 2018 at 3:31 PM

IOTA (MIOTA) has its plate full at present, but that hasn’t stopped the distributed ledger protocol from exploring new ventures. Of late, they have collaborated with several NGOs and introduced new features to their established system at the same time. The features include IOTA wallet, their “IAMPASS,” a reliable biometric authenticating system based on the IOTA ‘Tangle’ among others. Their newest launch IOTA Lab has been developed in collaboration with their partner, AKITA. And in addition to all this, they’re also working on the ‘Tangle.’


AKITA is a Blockchain start-up focussed on making Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) more tangible and incorporate it in everyday life. The organization is currently engaged in implementing Proof-of-Concepts (POC). These are mostly prototypes comprising a hardware component and an allusion to the physical world. Though they’re a start-up, they’re exceptionally agile and build functioning prototypes from ideation to real production as quickly as possible.

AKITA tweeted about the launch saying,
Zegir a Redditor commented on the post on Reddit saying,

“Look at their page linked in the twitter post, which gives a description and some example projects they’ve done. They’re creating a space open to everyone to create physical devices that take advantage of Iota.”

AKITA workpieces including IOTA based proof-of-concepts

The Singapore based AKITA is well connected with the European community and market. They make DLT more specific and tangible, like making ‘Tangle’ a smoother and discernible plan. They have already built several IOTA based proof-of-concepts. Below are a few examples of their works:

  1. Arduino on the IOTA Data MarketPlace,
  2. Weather station,
  3. Raspberry Pi,
  4. Weather Sensor Data with XDK,
  5. SmartWatch Pulse Sensor data etc.

They are currently on the look-out for a space which will offer a stable and professional environment to continue their work. A space that will be perfect to bring together all different kind of stakeholders interested in IOTA and its development. AKITA is scouting for individuals who can co-create, develop, test and build applications which makes an impact on daily life.

The IOTA foundation also signed an MOU recently with DNB ASA, Norway’s largest bank to explore applications of the Tangle.

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