Japan holds its first online blockchain voting system 22250 The new voting system of Japan will be based on Blockchain
Madhurima Roy
Sep 3, 2018 at 8:30 PM

Blockchain is now the latest upgrade in Japan’s voting system as the country introduced an online voting system in Tsukuba. The blockchain based voting system will allow voters to cast their votes for programs targeted to uplift the society, reported CCN. Technology booster Tsukuba, has undertaken the step to muscle up its voting solutions, and to definitely secure the voting system.

Mayor Tatsuo Igarashi, who casted a vote using the new voting system, said: “I had thought it would involve more complicated procedures but I found that it’s minimal and easy.”

How does the blockchain based voting work?

It is the first time that the country has engaged itself in digital vote. Voters of the region have to use “My Number” system of the country for casting vote. My Number is way of verifying the validation of a voter. It is a 12-digit social security number that the citizens use and with the help of which voters’ credentials are verified before confirming the vote to be valid.

Unlike traditional voting system, the new voting system is a little different. While the traditional voting method follows a method where voters have to manually cast their vote, the new method will ask voters to vote on screen.

The process also secures the votes that are cast by saving the votes on a decentralized ledger, dismissing the chances of unwanted and illegal meddling with votes and ensuring end-to-end security. And, all these are done with the help of decentralized blockchain technology.



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