John McAfee: Blockchain backed “permissionless society” and cryptocurrency to free us from being “hired slaves”

John McAfee: Blockchain backed “permissionless society” and cryptocurrency to free us from being “hired slaves” 23963
Madhurima Roy
Sep 25, 2018 at 8:35 PM

It’s been a while that crypto mogul John McAfee has been voicing his opinion about ‘The Declaration of Currency Independence’ to free the world from the shackles of what he calls “subtle and refined slavery”. We are, as McAfee calls are "hired slaves" whose "fruits of labor" are enjoyed by their employers or the organizations they are associated with.

On the latest CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise event, McAfee sat for an interview to further discuss how this refined form of slavery is holding the world back. In the interview, he discussed the freedom that the internet and blockchain offer everyone. In the words of McAfee: “We are not slaves for our jobs, we are not slaves to the government,… we are slaves to the entire system." And, he believes that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are means of freeing ourselves.

John McAfee talks about building a permissionless society with Blockchain

In order to alter things the way they are and to advance with the process, at first the society should start with financial transactions. “Financial transactions are the foundations of every society. Blockchain does one thing, which is profound- It gives us an absolute record of truth,” said the founder of McAfee Associates.

Under the current system, where everything is centralized and based on permission and validation, people have little space and scope for exploring their ideas comprehensively. However, with Blockchain technology, the concept of building a permissionless society comes to the fore, and people are able to avail complete freedom.

“We live in a system of permission. Every legislation, every law, every regulatory agency, every regulatory body, is designed to control our thoughts or actions or movements. We are creating a permissionless society.” Citing an example of how a society can operate without permission, he said: “If you want to send Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero, who do I have to ask? Only the peer.” No centralized body or individual is needed to be associated to make these transactions.



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