John McAfee: Crypto ninja rises again, guarantees free CoinBene listing for coins that leave HitBTC 22934
Madhurima Roy
Sep 12, 2018 at 5:00 PM

John McAfee recently backed Apollo Currency for being the first to drop crypto exchange HitBTC. In his ongoing fight against HitBTC corruption, the major Bitcoin enthusiast struck a partnership with digital exchange CoinBene, under which coins that leave HitBTC need not worry about getting listed again.

When Apollo Currency decided to refuse a HitBTC listing, the coin lost $400,000. McAfee has lauded the crypto for making this “tremendous sacrifice”.

Even CoinBene announced the deal on Twitter, stating:

John McAfee inspires crypto world to fight against corruption

McAfee has already requested all legitimate exchanges to do the “right thing" and enlist Apollo on their trading platforms.

The talks that led to the signing of the partnership between Coinbene and McAfee Alliance had only begun a few days ago. The tie-up was then announced at the 'Blockchain Cruise' event at an impromptu press conference at the event.

“Blockchain-based applications, cryptocurrencies and the entire focus of the crypto community is that we are a permissionless society. A society is based on its financial foundation and in the existing world permission is the fundamental force that controls everything”, McAfee said in a statement.


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Image via Wikimedia Commons

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