John McAfee reacts to BitFi wallet hacking claim: ‘Can you get the money?’ 19850
Vidwan Reddy
Aug 3, 2018 at 2:41 AM

John McAfee, the high-profile cryptocurrency advocate, had finally reacted to the hacking claims of his BitFi wallet. He had earlier challenged the hackers to break into his BitFi wallet and also announced a $100,000 bounty if anyone succeeds in doing it. He increased the bounty to $250,000 later.

When a Twitter user said 'nothing is unhackable', McAfee asked him to prove it by getting his hands on the money.

He tweeted, "Then take the money from the wallet. Isn't that the issue? Can you get it or not? We don't even require that you access the wallet remotely. We'll send you the fucking thing with money on it. Can you get it or not? The answer is no! Who cares what other useless shit you can do.[sic]"

A crypto geek recently pointed out that McAfee's much-hyped unhackable wallet has a root access, a patched firmware and can confirm to the unhackable Bitfi wallet's dashboard. There is no security as claimed by the Bitfi, he said.

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Now McAfee responded to all the hacking claims in a tweet. He brushed aside the allegations as an attention-seeking activity.

"Hackers saying they have gained root access to the BitFi wallet. Well whoop-de-do! So what? Root acces to a device with no write or modify capability. That's as useless as a dentist license un a nuclear power plant. Can you get the money on the wallet? No. That's what matters [sic]"

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