John McAfee supports Apollo Currency for making “tremendous sacrifice” leaving corrupted HitBTC

John McAfee supports Apollo Currency for making “tremendous sacrifice” leaving corrupted HitBTC 22651
Madhurima Roy
Sep 8, 2018 at 3:30 PM

Raising voice against corruption of HitBTC, Apollo currency has made a “tremendous sacrifice”; and John McAfee has stepped in with all his support for the coin and has asked all the legitimate exchanges to do the “right thing".

Leaving HitBTC and joining McAfee Alliance of John McAfee

Designed to become the fastest, most advanced and most feature-rich privacy coin on Earth, Apollo currency that was listed on HitBTC, left the platform pertaining to one of the most serious issue, that is, security. Apollo made an official statement, exemplifying why they are leaving HitBTC: “It has been confirmed that we will be listed shortly on @hitbtc, however, after much deliberation and for the security of our community we have decided to refuse this listing. Our decision is based on an overwhelming number of fraud allegations brought to us by users on HitBTC.”


Apollo Currency is the first group that had stepped down from HitBTC to step down from HitBTC and has joined McAfee Alliance. However, it cost Apollo a major pocket burn of at cost of $400,000. In a short video clip, McAfee cited the issue, and stated that Apollo coin was being listed on HitBTC, where they already paid the bulk amount of money and lost it.

Referring to the crypto exchanges across the globe, McAfee stated: "All the other exchanges that are legitimate in this world, ‘please do the right thing’ to enlist Apollo on your exchange. They have made a tremendous sacrifice for all of us to show that HitBTC is absolutely corrupt and part of a criminal organization we can no longer can support. Please support Apollo."




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