“KrypC”, a startup that aims to secure IoT through Blockchain 7167
Akriti Mathur
Apr 25, 2018 at 3:10 PM


Internet of Things or IoT has gained significant importance globally in different sectors with its solutions. The devices used in IoT are connected to the Internet. IoT aids in gathering, sending and receiving data via the Internet. 

But IoT devices are vulnerable to hacks. This has been stated in a report posted by Cisco on their website. Blockchain is envisioned by a startup called “KrypC” as the ideal solution to improve upon sensitive data vulnerabilities.

KrypC believes in the Blockchain capabilities. The devices can interact with each other safely on the Blockchain platform. The startup is also creating a blockchain protocol for IoT devices. KrypC’s founder and CEO Ravi Jagannathan stated their goal is to make IoT devices safer and Blockchain is the perfect solution for achieving it. 

Ravi further stated, “Our primary goal has been doing the research and making it a reality and we think about how this technology can be brought to normal adoption.”

The company has hyper ledger platform “KrypCore” that offers enterprises the ideal platform for the creation of Blockchain applications. 

He also spoke about the unique factors of KrypC. He stated that it offers the clients a choice to create customised solutions and platforms using multiple blockchain protocols solutions running on the platform. 

KrypC has prior experience in creation of 40 use cases in supply chain, healthcare, law, travel, insurance, banking, financial service etc. 

KrypC provides Blockchain solutions and clients include a list of companies who have been under Fortune 500. The startup has its presence in US, Netherlands and India. 



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