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Madhurima Roy
Sep 10, 2018 at 5:57 PM

Blockchain is on its way to digitize the drivers’ licenses in Australia's New South Wales (NSW). The NSW government is about to conduct a pilot test in November for digitizing driver’s license in the state, reported CoinDesk.

According to a recent announcement by NSW Government, the test will be ran on 140,000 driver’s license holders before the actual launch in the upcoming year.

The role of blockchain in digitizing driver's license

Blockchain will help to strengthen the data security in a distributed manner. Technology partner of the project Secure Logic, a professional & managed information security services organisation in Sydney is helping to achieve that.

Santosh Devaraj, the CEO of Secure Logic said that driver's licences is only one of the first projects to implement advanced technology for revamping the public service and will be a huge impact in the sector in the next ten years.

Devaraj said: "The era of standing in line to file government paperwork is coming to an end, as is our reliance on physical identification cards to establish your identity or proof of age with law enforcement or at licensed venues. These are mistake prone, time-consuming, expensive, and impractical ways to offer services."

According to the NSW Gov post, Victor Dominello, the Minister for Finance, Services and Property said that the government is implementing high-end technology so that drivers can use a digital licence on a daily basis.

“Parliament has approved new laws to enable a statewide rollout of the technology. This trial will bring us a step closer to delivering on that promise,” Mr Dominello said.



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