Ledger seeks user base expansion for Ledger Live; Ethereum [ETH] Chrome app bugged 20315
Ashmita Dutta
Aug 4, 2018 at 7:40 PM

The Ledger wallet has recently broke the news regarding the presence of a bug in Ethereum [ETH] Chrome app wallet. On the official Twitter page of the wallet, it has posted three consecutive posts conveying this information to the users. The Twitter posts on 3rd August, focussing on Ethereum [ETH] wallet bug issue, can perhaps be an attempt to convince the users to opt for Ledger Live.

The Twitter Posts

According to the initial post on Twitter, “There is currently an issue on the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome application, showing on screen a static address (same for all users). This looks more like a bug than a compromission. Engineering is working on it, we’ll know more soon. PLEASE USE ONLY LEDGER LIVE / MEW MEANWHILE”

In the second post, however, the confirmation about a bug’s presence has been explicitly conveyed. The bug issue has come on surface with the update which has invited the users to choose Ledger Live in place of Chrome. As a consequence, the computer screen showed an incorrect address. The Ledger has also stated, “Ledger will cover 100% of all losses due to the issue.”

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In contrast to its previous tweet, in the third and the final tweet, the blockchain based network has shared its compulsion to close the infrastructure of Ethereum [ETH] and Ethereum Classic [ETC]. The users have also been informed about the time of resuming the services which is around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, CET

The customers of Ledger wallet use Ledger Live instead of Chrome app. Ledger Live, in one platform, gives an opportunity to the users to leverage and functionalise all accounts on devices based on Ledger.

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The features associated involve managing currencies, get balance information and exchanging crypto assets. However, in this context, one of the Twitter user called Salty has commented, “Are you dropping support for the Chrome Apps. I don’t like the way Ledger Live is being pushed as if it’s the only option.”

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