Litecoin transactions now possible via telegram & SMS payments will be available soon 20783
Pinaz Kazi
Aug 10, 2018 at 5:06 PM

Litecoin took another step towards mass adoption. Litecoin (LTC) transaction will now be possible through Telegram, payment through text messages (SMS) will also be available very soon.

It has been made possible through new Litecoin feature It has been developed by blockchain start-up, Zulu Republic. “Today we take that vision one step closer to reality by announcing, a new project from Zulu Republic aimed at expanding cryptocurrency access to a wider population than ever before,” Zulu Republic mentioned on a blog post published on Medium.

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The exciting news was shared with the Litecoin community by the founder himself. Charlie Lee posted on Twitter, “A bear market is the best time for people to work on adoption. Check out Send and recieve LTC on telegram. Eventually, it will support SMS also. Great work @ztxrepublic team! We build it and they will come. Adoption is key!”

According to the blog post, the new feature will allow Litecoin users to interact & send queries to Litecoin services using Zulu’s backend LTC API system. The first version of the system for managing LTC via Telegram is available now. Zulu mentioned is rolled out on Telegram messenger app first as it’s “the most secure messenger in the world”. will allow users to check current LTC balance, send LTC to a wallet or an email address. The company plans to also start LTC transactions through SMS.

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“While ~64% of the global population has a mobile phone, only ~33% have a smartphone, which means there are almost twice as many people with SMS capabilities as there are with mobile internet,” the start-up mentioned in a post. One of the most amazing opportunities of is, receiving LTC becomes easier for people without Litecoin wallet. Also, allows users to send LTC to those people whose Litecoin wallet address users don't  know.

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