mCoin: The world’s first crypto that operates without Internet 10042
Ashmita Dutta
May 28, 2018 at 4:48 PM

mCoin becomes the first cryptocurrency in the world to function with or without the internet connectivity in the mobile. This is, indeed, a significant progress in the domain of domain of crypto news. This cryptocurrency is operated by the mobile ecosystem of ONEm which has other pragmatic benefits.

This results in the upsurge of the user base of mCoin with users exceeding 30,000 people across 150 nations. These people equally participate in the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Even in this technologically advanced 21st century, a major part of the world is not exposed to the network of internet connection. Consequently, this significantly large section of the population are deprived from accessing financial institutions or bank accounts using internet connection.

However, with an increased acceptance among people, mCoin community provides a stronger commitment and support. African Mobile Operator is an active supporter of mCoin accountable to deploy its virtual wallet and apps for millions of subscribers.

According to the sources, adoption of blockchain technology is the predominant reason for the surge of mCoin. mCoin community installed and utilised blockchain technology on voice platforms and SMS. “Pseudo-mining” is characterised with mCoin which enables the users to earn the first crypto using no internet on ordinary phones. Proper utilisation of mCoins and its extensive distribution is facilitated by pseudo-mining process.

The users are allowed by the owners holding virtual wallet of mCoins to give and take these coins to other individuals. This process is accomplished globally under the name of ONEm without entering a lengthy wallet address. They receive history of the transactions that helps to maintain creditworthiness.

At ICO events, many investors have bought mCoins which was marked at a price 3¢. The price of mCoin will increase after 3rd June, 2018 and will become 5¢. However, as soon as mCoins are enlisted on crypto exchanges, the price will touch 10¢. It is predicted that the value of mCoin will become $1 by the end of this year. This is due to its rising adoption in the domain of ONEm and Mobile Operator Services will get integrated by it.

It is expected that in the upcoming weeks the actual buyers of mCoin will get special bonuses. These real holders will possess a Holder Card of mCoin. The buyers and the referral both receive additional bonus mCoins of 5%.

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