MF Chain Launches App To Displace Visa Mastercard Payments 9638
Sharat Chandra
May 21, 2018 at 8:40 PM

Modern Finance Chain has created a public blockchain platform to bridge the vast chasm of cryptocurrency between merchant establishments and consumers. The global digital economy needs adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment stream. MF Chain facilitates the process of adoption of crypto payments by allowing multi- blockchain integration through multi-currency ICO platforms.

Modern Finance Chain has announced the release of the MF Chain Payment Solution MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) to fuel cryptocurrency adoption and create a "community first" platform. The MF Chain Android and iOS app enable any mobile device to act as a fully functional Point-Of-Sale station. The design is simple, easy to use and easy to adopt. It supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. The consumers can connect with any wallet, and they do not need any special software to access the MF Chain Payment Solution. Merchants have the flexibility to exercise choice on how to process cryptocurrency payments. They can convert crypto payments to cash instantly or keep a percentage of the amount in cryptocurrency. Merchants gain % crypto-back for all transactions processed, and they are rewarded for passing savings on to the customer.

The consumer gets the freedom to spend crypto without an exchange and liberty from reward programs plagued by rules and limitations. 1 % crypto-back from all purchases made using MF Chain platform coupled with waived surcharges using the MFX token make for a compelling reason to stick with cryptocurrency payment.

MF Chain has integrated a combination of exchange and aggregator APIs to ensure smooth conversion of cash to cryptocurrency. Minute-by-minute updates are assuring protection for merchants and consumers in every transaction. To combat price volatility merchants have been given freedom to convert cryptocurrency to money instantaneously. It ensures speedy credit to merchant accounts as compared to traditional credit card payment system which generally takes up to three days hold to process the payment.

Image via MF Chain Facebook Page

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